How to fix Code documentation for a function at GO plugin

For normal GO code, documentation is done as described here by:

to document a type, variable, constant, function, or even a package,
write a regular comment directly preceding its declaration, with no
intervening blank line. Godoc will then present that comment as text
alongside the item it documents.


// Fprint formats using the default formats for its operands and writes to w.
// Spaces are added between operands when neither is a string.
// It returns the number of bytes written and any write error encountered.
func Fprint(w io.Writer, a ...interface{}) (n int, err error) { }

I wrote the below code using plugin:

//file: ./plugin/plugin.go
package main

import "fmt"

var V int

func F() {
	fmt.Printf("Hello, number %d\n", V)

// A test plugin function to Return double the entery
func Fx(x int) int {
	return x * 2

// Compile as: $ go build -buildmode=plugin

Complied is a s a plugin, and called it from the main code:

// file main.go
package main

import (

func main() {
	p, _ := plugin.Open("./plugin/") // use rela path with code runner: /Users/hasan/goApps/mod/plugin/

	v, _ := p.Lookup("V")

	f, _ := p.Lookup("F")

	fx, _ := p.Lookup("Fx")

	*v.(*int) = 7    // .(symbol signature) => (*int)
	f.(func())()   // .(symbol signature) => func() { }

	num := fx.(func(int) int)(3).  // .(symbol signature) => func(int) int { }

// Run as $ go run .

The plugin worked as expected, and showed below output:

hasan@Hasans-MacBook-Air goApps % go run .
Hello, number 7

But documentation did not show up, and once I hovered in my IDE (VS Code) above the fx in every line it appeared in at main.go nothing show up.

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