How to effective learn golang?

Hi, guys. I want to learn golang. How i can do it effective with big progress?

Start with

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If you are an experienced developer, this question has definitely been asked before. Here is one thread with my response to it - Where should an experienced developer start?


Thanks. But how i think, this is only basic?

Wow! Thanks, this can help me.

The Go Wiki has two lists of online learning resources:



Read, code, make mistakes, read, solve mistakes, read, code :smiley:

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Awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

What would be the best way to learn that coding, doing a side project or several smaller ‘tiny programs’ that deal with fixing a specific task?

Both of those have benefits and drawbacks, right.:slight_smile:

Is there any place where beginners can contribute in code or any sort of internship/collaborative project?

I am working on a single project from last 6-7 months but looking forward to work in the area of microservices etc. So, I am not sure where to start to be good in that area.

I found this is really useful for making good progress on GO learning…

Learn Go for free, brought to by Google’s Community Outreach: Todd McLeod is great online instructor and this is an excellent course!


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