How to deploy the Golang web app freely?

Hi friends,

I am new for Golang. I have developed small “go” website for our office use, with mongodb database. I have tried with heroku but for the database I need to pay some money.

It’s completely small and less featured website, we want to use it locally. that’s why I’m not interested to spend money. so, please help me what are the way to deploy the website with mongodb. if I should pay for the cloud or db storage, it’s also okay. Instruct me what is the simple way to deploy it? and how?.

Thanks in advance.

Some spontaneous thoughts:

  • Deploy the server to a local computer in your office. If your office has no servers, consider buying a Raspberry Pi or the like. Those tiny computers don’t consume much power but can run one or two services.
  • If you have multiple offices in different locations, consider setting up a virtual private network (VPN) between the locations that allows to securely access the server that runs in one of the offices.
  • Not free but quite cheap: Companies like Vultr or DigitalOcean offer virtual servers starting from $5 per month. And when you don’t need the virtual server instance anymore, you can completely destroy it and the billing counter then stops immediately, thus saving you money.

IBM BlueMix has a free tier, supports Go, and MongoDB is available as an experimental/unsupported service you can use with the free account.

Additionally to other suggestions:

i don’t undestand why you use Mongodb for such small things. Mongodb is for big things. consider Sqlite or Mysql for this and like was said before, a small computer.

Also,have a look at BoltDB


How important is your data ?

You can use an unused system as a server or Raspberry PI like the other person suggested. It will be cheaper, but you might lose data accidentally.

If the website is small, then you can migrate it to psql(free in heroku) and migration will always be cheaper and convenient than owning a physical system.

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