How to delete my post

Sorry to bother you, but could anyone tell me how to delete my post?
Or could admin help delete this post please?

Could you please edit your post and indent all code with four spaces? The </> button at the top of the edit window will do this for you. Indented code will be much easier to read.

There are several ways.

  1. Write the code, highlight it with your mouse in the text-box, and click the </> button above the textbox. This will indent everything that you highlighted by 4 spaces
  2. Indent the code by additional 4 spaces manually (a very tideous thing when you have longer code blocks)
  3. use Markdowns “fenced” code blocks. The are introduced by a line of three ``` (backtick) and an optional language specifier for syntax coloring. At the end you have another three backticks. You can read more about fenced code blocks at Not everything from that page will be valid here, but the essence is the same.

thanks, I now know how to put code into yellow code block.

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