How to correlate tasks with financial utility ("how useful is this piece of code ?")

Hello everyone,

Basically, as the title says, it is not transparent to me, as a developer, how much money is this line of code worth.

What do you do in your projects: how do you correlate the value of a specific piece of code, or task, with money ? And how do you use this correlation to prioritize tasks ?

Is there any rule of thumb, or generally used approximations ? Is there a science or methodology that studies this issue, kind of like how agile studies team productivity ?

counting the number of lines changed/edited etc makes no sense. What I did in the past was calculating the difficulty + time needed.
What you should keep in mind that people are not paid for writing code but for solving problems. One man can solve a problem with 10 lines of code, and the other with 100. If it’s done well, fast and efficient - it’s more worth than done fast and poorly.

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