How to cast []byte to const char buf[][8]?


I write the following code to call C function void blsFunc(const char buf[][8]) from cgo.

#cgo LDFLAGS:-lbls
#cgo linux,amd64 LDFLAGS:-L${SRCDIR}/lib/linux/amd64
#cgo darwin,amd64 LDFLAGS:-L${SRCDIR}/lib/darwin/amd64
void blsFunc(const char buf[][8]);
import "C"
import (

func BlsFunc(buf []byte) {

The minimized code is .
go test -v ./bls runs well on my environments such as Ubuntu 18.04.4 + Go1.13.4 (and 1.14.1), macOS 10.15.3 + Go1.13.4, etc.
It also runs well on Travis-CI + macOS + Go1.13.4.

But it fails on Travis-CI + Linux + Go1.13.4.

bls/bls.go:15:118: cannot use _cgo0 (type *[8]_Ctype_char) as type unsafe.Pointer in argument to _Cfunc_blsFunc

It looks a syntax error, and I don’t know why there is a difference between my local environments and Travis despite the same version of Go.

I want to isolate which problem is my code or Travis-CI.
Could you give me some advice?

Hi, @herumi, I also don’t see the error from this. I recommend checking with the Go and/or Travis-CI team(s).

Thank you for your comment. I’ll ask Travis-CI team.

By the way, By checking the output of go tool cgo bls.go,
I found the difference between my local go and Travis-go at _obj/_cgo_gotypes.go.

// my local env and Travis-mac go

func _Cfunc_blsFunc(p0 *[8]_Ctype_char) (r1 _Ctype_void) {
    _cgo_runtime_cgocall(_cgo_4e5b00b212d7_Cfunc_blsFunc, uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(&p0)))
    if _Cgo_always_false {

// Travis-linux go

func _Cfunc_blsFunc(p0 unsafe.Pointer) (r1 _Ctype_void) {
    _cgo_runtime_cgocall(_cgo_4e5b00b212d7_Cfunc_blsFunc, uintptr(unsafe.Pointer(&p0)))
    if _Cgo_always_false {

The argument of _Cfunc_blsFunc of Travis-linux go is not p0 *[8]_Ctype_char but p0 unsafe.Pointer.
It may be a reason of the error.
Could you think of anything that might have caused the difference?

@herumi did you ever discover the source of this problem or find a workaround? I am getting the same build error using the xgo cross compiler for bls-eth-go-binary. Xgo container’s go is at 1.13.4:

I’ve not solved the problem yet.
Does the minimum sample run on Xgo? If not so, then I’ll check it.

Indeed, the test sample compiles with xgo for darwin, windows and linux targets and produces working binaries.

I am getting the same build error using the xgo cross compiler for bls-eth-go-binary .

I added a wrapper function to avoid this error of Travi-ci with Linux.
Could you try the latest version of ?

The wrapper version builds cleanly! Thanks a bunch

:beers: Cheers!

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