How to assign "[]T" to variadic arguments "...interface{}"?

It seems that “[]T” and “[]interface{}” are not compatible.
Should I convert []T to []interface{}?

In this example where you want to take a slice of strings and pass them to a ...interface{} parameter, then yes, the way you’re doing it is fine.

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Hi @Yushihu,

The reason fmt.Println(x...) does not work is that a slice of strings has a different memory layout than a slice of any (or interface{}). (You can do a fmt.Println(x), however, which compiles and runs fine.)

See this answer in the Go FAQ, or this long but insightful explanation by Eli Bendersky.

Tip: You can do the loop without appending:

	args := make([]any, len(x))
	for i := range x {
		args[i] = x[i]
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