How much would Android benefit from the go 1.7 updated?

The Android is making it build system replaced by Go ,and thanks to Go’s efforts , it has speed the build up a lot.

From the git log Go upgrade in AOSP ,Android has updated to the latest Go 1.7

And from Go 1.7 blog ,it mainly achieved a good binary size reduction by

  • New SSA backend

  • Method pruning

  • More compact format for run-time type information

So , for Android ,how much would it benefit from the binary size reduction? Will it be 10% reduction or more ?

Or maybe some executive speed optimization at the same time ?

Real talk: only the amd64 backend was updated to ssa in go 1.7. As of 48 hours ago, at tip, all the other baxkends, including arm and arm64 have been updated to ssa form.

Go 1.7 brings big improvements in link speed but if you’re looking for better arm code gen, go 1.8 will be the one for you.


@dfc ,thanks for your attention. I’ve visit your site ,that’s really help a lot!
Does it mean I’d only got a link speedup in the Android 7(ARM64) build with Go 1.7 now?
What about the binary size reduction without the ssa form in Go 1.7?Seems SSA contributes more on the build speed.

You should always use the most recent released version of Go because that is the only version supported by the Go team.

Also, you may get a speedup in linkning performance w/ Go 1.7, but I don’t know how much that contributes to the overall speed of a gomobile build job. As I understand it, the build process is quite involved.

You should still use Go 1.7 regardless, as it is the only version of Go supported by the Go team.

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