How long will it take me to build a -Django- app with Golang?

I’m not asking for a basic hello world app, I’m asking how long does it take to build all things Django provides me with a single line in terminal “django startproject prjectname”
This includes:

  • Authentication system
    • Cookie to keep users logged in
      -Password Hashing
  • Admin panel
  • The same security level Django provides by default
    • csrftoken to protect users data

In django it would take about 30 minutes cuz everything is handled automatically for me, but how about Golang?

I believe gobuffalo will help you with a lot of that.

I don’t think it makes an admin panel though, alas.

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I’m moving from django to Golang mainly for performance and speed, so will gobuffalo affect the website performance?

gobuffalo is built on state of the art Go packages - you’ll find it nice and fast.

Django is great for quick development, but it isn’t fast - it needs lots of resources to serve a busy website. Go is much much more efficient. That said you can forget to index an SQL table in any language :wink:

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