How long does it take you to build a Todo or Twitter clone app?

If you are more intermediate or at least comfortable writing code and making websites in Golang, How much time would it take you to develop a simple Todo app? And how much would it take you to build a Twitter clone? (With user authentication and password hashing for both)
Why asking? I’m a Django developer and I want to compare the time it took me to build a todo app vs the time it would take me when I become a more comfortable Go developer

Hard to say because it depends on how you produce those apps. Perhaps you can try your own hackathon and time it?

You can try hands on with this book (I’m assuming you have deep level of building web app):

The book is slightly outdated (not using Go Module) so be smart when you try it. It’s very broad so it takes assumptions that you have strong experience base of building web app.


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