How is func printCounts running ten times ?please explain

package main

import (

// wg is used to wait for the program to finish.
var wg sync.WaitGroup

func main() {
	count := make(chan int)
	// Add a count of two, one for each goroutine.
	fmt.Println("Start Goroutines")
	// Launch a goroutine with label "Goroutine-1"
	go printCounts("Goroutine-1", count)
	// Launch a goroutine with label "Goroutine-2"
	go printCounts("Goroutine-2", count)
	fmt.Println("Communication of channel begins")
	count <- 1
	// Wait for the goroutines to finish.
	fmt.Println("Waiting To Finish")
	fmt.Println("\nTerminating the Program")
func printCounts(label string, count chan int) {
	// Schedule the call to WaitGroup's Done to tell goroutine is completed.
	defer wg.Done()
	for val := range count {
		fmt.Printf("Count: %d received from %s \n", val, label)
		if val == 10 {
			fmt.Printf("Channel Closed from %s \n", label)
			// Close the channel
		// Send count back to the other goroutine.
		count <- val

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ok done! now can you explain the code to me?

printCounts is not running ten times. There is a for val := range count loop in printCounts that keeps “ping-ponging” an incrementing count between Goroutine-1 and Goroutine-2 until that count gets to 10, at which point, the channel is closed so both Goroutines exit the loop and printCounts.


thankyou Sean!

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