How I used tools to develop a minimal version of a community backend service in a day

click to see the full project code

Using the tool sponge, the business logic code and non-business logic code are automatically separated during the code generation process, so that the development only needs to focus on the business logic code.

Consider a complete web service code as an egg. The eggshell represents the web service framework code. The albumen and yolk represent the business logic code. The yolk is the core of the business logic (the code that needs to be written manually), such as defining MySQL tables, defining API interfaces, and writing specific logic codes. The albumen is the bridge that connects the core business logic code with the web framework code (automatically generated without manual coding), such as registration routing code generated based on proto files, handler method function code, parameter verification code, error codes, Swagger documents, etc.The web service egg model analysis diagram is shown in the figure below:

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