How I can update my Go on MacOs

Pls help, How I can update my Go on MacOs

You can delete your old Go folder from $HOME or /usr/local depending where you installed before, download the new Go compiler archive and extract in that location.

In general this totally depends on how you initially installed gos toolchain…

If you downloaded and extracted the tarball, just delete old stuff and then redownload and extract using a more recent version of the tarball.

If you used some package manager like brew, update by their means of updating packages.

If you used some toolchain version manager like asdv-vm, just install a newer version and switch to it, optionally deleting the old one.

If you installed go by some third party script, ask the maintainer how to update that installation (or preferably) remove it and switch to the officially supported means of installation, a well supported package manager or a well supported toolchain version manager.

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I install with brew

Then you should use it to upgrade go as well, you’ll get into trouble if you mix and match installation and update methods.

brew upgrade

All you need to do

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thank you it work for me, thanks all

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