How does the trace package assigns the goroutine their ID's?

Long Question Ahead
I am trying to understand how does the trace package of go extracts and assign the goroutine their respective id’s.
I am using the code shown here
After I run this code, I run the following commands:

curl localhost:1328/debug/pprof/trace?seconds=10 > trace.out
go tool trace trace.out

I get this as the output :

Opening browser. Trace viewer is listening on

This runs and provides me with a GUI where I can see all the methods that got called and their respective trace fields and values. There is a section in there, which is Gorotuine analysis and when I click that link, the code inside this link gets executed.

After changing the source code to try to understand how I get the ID’s for each gorutine, I still can’t figure out this code section.

I am able to print the ID’s that runs on this route. But how does it actually stores these, like based on what criteria? I know this is happening somewhere here.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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