How do you parse values from a join query into a struct with substructs

EDIT: so it seems PGX is not good for this. its a low level driver and means i would have to scan results. Can anyone suggest a better approach to the below problem?

So i am using pgx right now but if it cant be done with that im happy to change.

Is there a way to easily parse substruct values from a query?

So I do a Join query like:

rows, err := conn.Query(context.Background(),
    `SELECT AS r_Id,
        rdr.field1 AS r_Field2,
        rdr.field2 AS r_Field2,
        contact.firstname AS c_FirstName,
        contact.lastname AS c_LastName, AS c_Id 
    FROM rdr
    INNER JOIN contact ON`)

Then my structs are

type Rdr struct {
    Id              int32     
    Field1          int32     
    Contact         Contact   
    Field2          time.Time

type Contact struct {
    Id        int
    FirstName string
    LastName  string

How can I parse the data returned in the rows into my Rdr struct. I would need to parse the correct fields into the Contact, ideally at the same time, but i dont see how to do that. I cant see how Scan would do it. We were looking at the FieldDescriptions and the Values but it gets very messy. Is there an easy/common way to do this? I imagine its a very common issue.

If instead of Contact Contact, you change it to an embedded struct field (i.e. just Contact), then should work.

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