How do i fix this?

go get github. com /valyala /fasthttp
it returns in my windows command promt:
go: github. com/valyala/fasthttp: invalid import path “github .com/valyala”
my git version:
git version
how do i fix it
i added spaces in the links to let me post, theyre not like that in my terminal

Where exactly do you have spaces on your command prompt and where did you add them just to avoid the URL posting limit?

The error suggests that the space between /valyala and /fasthttp on the first line has been like that in the command you issued on the terminal. If that is true, try again without that space. The only spaces in that command should be the 2 surrounding get.

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the command to get the library could be:

go get -u

And in your source code

import ""
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