How do I can change a variable with go command line?

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My problem is go run someprogram.go usecomand change_variable=value is this possible and how I can make it?

Try reading this -

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But the problem is how I can write that? Do you have any example?

Just use flag

var intervalFlag interval

func init() {
	// Tie the command-line flag to the intervalFlag variable and
	// set a usage message.
	flag.Var(&intervalFlag, "deltaT", "comma-separated list of intervals to use between events")
func main() {
	// All the interesting pieces are with the variables declared above, but
	// to enable the flag package to see the flags defined there, one must
	// execute, typically at the start of main (not init!):
	// We don't run it here because this is not a main function and
	// the testing suite has already parsed the flags.

Thank you for your answer, but it still don’t work :confused:

Then please tell us more detailed what your problem is and what you want to achieve.

Perhaps even show us what you have tried already?

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