How can i use syscall.Kill in windows?

i need to kill child and parrent process using syscall.Kill.

when i am using syscall.Kill in windows, getting erorr : “undefined: syscall.Kill”

The syscall package is dependent on the operating system. syscall.Kill is for Unix/Linux/Mac systems, not Windows.

Use godoc syscall to get information on the syscall package for your system. This is explained in the Overview section in the package documentation:

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docs is too lengthy, could you please tell me for signal kill for windows platform.

like linux we can send signal to process through pkill command, in windows, is there any alternate ?

The overview section also states that the syscall package is deprecated:

Deprecated: this package is locked down. Callers should use the corresponding package in the repository instead. That is also where updates required by new systems or versions should be applied. See for more information.

So check here instead.

Hi Shubham,

Is it necessary you have to use the syscall package?

If not, use


p, err := process.NewProcess(pid) // Specify process id of parent
// handle error

for _, v := range p.Children(){
    err = *v.Kill()  // Kill each child
    // handle error

p.Kill() // Kill the parent process

Hope this clears it

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