How Can I use Gomobile to build android & IOS apps

I would want to know how can I use gomobile because I installed it in this route


Goapp is the directory of my project, and I want to build it in android & IOS app.
I see in google that I can be it with Gomobile but I installed and the command isn’t work.

it seems like this don’t be installed.
of course, I will installed it in dir and also doesn’t work.

the doc suggest that use:
$ go get
$ gomobile init

to installed but isn’t work.

anybody can help me, please ?

Thank you for comments.

Do you get any error messages during the go get or gomobile init steps? If so, which? If not, what do you do, what do you expect to happen, what happens instead?

I am not get a error when I use go get…
I get a error when I try to type gomobile init, terminal say to me that gomobile command don’t exist, but in my laptop and in the directory of my project the directory exists.

I tried so much, I work on Linux Antergos.

Add $(go env GOPATH)/bin to your PATH.

should I write it of this way
(go env GOPATH)/bin <= in my ~/.profile
or how other form?

I’m not sure if those who read from .profile are expanding shell-calls. Therefore I’d be carefull.

Probably it wont change that often, and also expanding this to early might change with a GOPATH you set manually in a later step of creating your environment.

As I use those tools from the terminal only, I put export PATH=$(go env GOPATH)/bin:$PATH in my ~/.zshrc and I am happy with it.

For anything I want to use more globally I write a PKGBUILD anyway (or use one from the AUR).

maybe this line export PATH=$(go env GOPATH)/bin:$PATH that you mencioned it here can be right. I will put it on my ~/.zshrc, and I will se if it works.

thank you so much, If I have questions, I will bring it here

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