How can i pin a map by runtime.Pinner?

The memory for param comes from the Mmap, so assigning a member of param directly will cause problems.

func InitNullMap(param *tree.ExternParam, ctx CompilerContext) error {
	m := make(map[string][]string)
	param.NullMap = m

// write of unpinned Go pointer 0x1400cac1ce0 to non-Go memory 0x10ed44110
// fatal error: unpinned Go pointer stored into non-Go memory

I’ve used runtime.Pinner successfully with other common datatypes, such as structures or strings, but I’ve found that I can’t handle map.

  m := make(map[string][]string)
  buf := ctx.GetBuffer()
  param.NullMap = m

// what buf is and what buf.Pin do
func New() *Buffer {
	b := new(Buffer)
	b.pinner = new(runtime.Pinner)
	return b

func (b *Buffer) Pin(os ...any) {
	for _, o := range os {

There are no examples in go/src/runtime/pinner_test.go, and I haven’t found any useful discussions, can anyone help ?

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