How can I display uploaded image on text/template?

Hello, everybody.
The image upload handle is correct.
but I can’t display images.
Is it similar to?

For example Pimage has next value.
.Pimage = “./template-images/p1.jpg”
And the image exist in template-images directory.
and It doesn’t show the image.

what issue?

You need to show how you serve static files and how your template looks like.

But basically you just need to create a IMG tag with a src attribute pointing to the URL on your server that maps to the static file.

Thank you. I wrote img tag and src attribute. but it deleted automatically, when I post topic.

Then repost. And please remember to annotate code and codelike snippets accordingly using markdown syntax:

This `inline` code

// And this is a block of go code

Thank you.
I just found the solution.
I added
http.Handle("/temp-images/", http.StripPrefix("/temp-images", http.FileServer(http.Dir(“temp-images/”))));

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