How can I convert xml to struct

I’ve the below xml data, that is related to a product line details:

type catalog struct {
	Id string `xml:"id"`

type price struct {
	Subtotal    int    `xml:"subtotal"`
	Currency    string `xml:"currency"`
	Total       int    `xml:"total"`
	PriceStatus string `xml:"price_status"`

type image struct {
	Url string `xml:"url"`
	Id  int    `xml:"id"`

type product struct {
	Id         int   `xml:"id"`
	RetailerId int   `xml:"retailer_id"`
	Image      image `xml:"image"`
	Price    int    `xml:"price"`
	Currency string `xml:"currency"`
	Name     string `xml:"name"`
	Quantity int    `xml:"quantity"`

type order struct {
	Product product `xml:"product"`
	Catalog catalog `xml:"catalog"`
	Price   price   `xml:"price"`

type Iq struct {
	XMLName xml.Name `xml:"iq"`
	Order   order    `xml:"order"`
<iq from="" id="79.242-3" type="result">
  <order creation_ts="1651699388" id="368282458424984">

I tried:

iq := &Iq{}
err := xml.Unmarshal([]byte(contents), &iq)
				if err != nil {

But did not work!

The playground is: Go Playground - The Go Programming Language

What was the error message?

You probably want var iq Iq instead. Your iq is a pointer to an Iq and then you pass a pointer to that pointer to Unmarshal.

Did not work, I added the playground: Go Playground - The Go Programming Language

Your url tag is invalid XML because it has literal &'s. Replace them with &amp; Go Playground - The Go Programming Language

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