Host service Golang?

Hi everyone !

I’m searching for web host sellers which would support golang on a server.

I want to upload a static HTML5/CSS3/JS/Golang web site.

Is it me or there is not really server providers which officially support Golang ?

For exemple here :

I just see PHP 7.4 but not Golang, do you have an idea ?

Thanks in advance

AFAIK There is not host provider that “supports” Golang. We use a simple $5 VPS to host a compiled executable along with a traditional public folder for the css/js/html files. Upload Go to the VPS and start the executable ./main by command line as in your desktop.

A simple test I made on UpCloud:

Note that I made a connection with postgresql (not needed) and you will manage your own server without disturbing neighbors.

GO programs are compiled and run on a server which talks directly to the Web. PHP programs are not compiled but are run by on interpreter hosted on the web. The interpreters are standard so can be cheaply provided by webhosting companies.

Basic level webhosting supplies a simple standard environment which interprets your code and allows you to setup a website on a their host.

To run a GO-based system you need more control than this as you run a server directly on the host. This means you need to run your own server. It appears you want to run a basic website so GO might be overkill in this case. However it is a useful learning experience.

It seems you need a fast web connection, so a Virtual Private Server (VPS as Sibert suggests) would be needed. I personally run a GO based system on a slow ADSL connection but I dont need a fast web connection. My costs are for a fixed IP for which I pay my ISP $10 per month i.e double what Sibert pays for his VPS.

A few years ago the cost in Australia for a VPS was $90 per month so I developed a system that met my needs. I was paying for it so I kept my costs down.

Hi Valenciano_8,

take a look at:

Both are free for little projects.

or a VPS

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