Honest advice for New Golang devs

How popular are Golang roles for junior devs (say backend for example) in today’s job market???

Right now from what I can see (I live in the US) the job market is down. Massive layoffs at Google / Microsoft contributed to a lot of people looking for work currently. I’d check whatever sources you’re going to be looking for a job on (Linked-In? Local ads? Other?) and see how many junior dev jobs there are there and for what languages. Go is growing in popularity, but it’s still not going to be as prevalent as JavaScript or something.

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Thank you very much. I live in Nigeria and mostly do freelance using Python(webscraping, pandas, FastAPI and sorts).

Ever since the layoffs in America, freelancing has not been favorable down here hence why I picked up Golang to explore new opportunities has it’s gaining popularity has you said (esp. when i got to know it saves cloud cost by more than half, i assume all companies would want that)

I didn’t pursue javascript because I assumed it a filled market and the bar for entry would be higher than Golang ( but I’ve also come to discover, "I’ve not seen a Golang jnr role)

And I’m suppose to test the Golang grounds, if it works well, my other teams would join.

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A language is just a small part of a job.

Golang is used heavily in the Kubernetes environment.

After learning Go I would learn Kubernetes, and after that combine the knowledge by writing Kubernetes operators. That’s a lot to learn, but I think it’s worth it. Kubernetes is open source, while AWS, Google cloud, Azure are closed source. You can run your own Kubernetes (for learning) via minikube easily.

Good luck

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Thanks for your advice and contributions. Kubernetes is a long way buh don’t you think learning stuff like DevOps without actually been in the industry is hard?. Someone actually mentioned that to me one time.

If you enjoy it, then it is not hard.

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