Hiring Go Engineers at Coder

I’m a senior engineer at https://coder.com.

We’re a small startup in Austin, TX looking to scale our Go team with solid engineers. The position would involve developing and maintaining the Go microservices that serve our development platform on kubernetes. There are more details on exactly what the company does on the site.

We want someone by our downtown Austin office but are open to remote for the first few months until we can get you relocated. If you’re really good, full time remote is also possible. US & Canada preferred.

We are big on open source. Check out some of our projects at https://github.com/cdr or mine at https://github.com/nhooyr.

We want solid engineers and will pay accordingly (90k - 200k USD).

The general hiring process looks like:

  1. Technical interview directly with me
    • I won’t quiz you on useless trivia
    • Most of my questions will be about general programming, Go, docker, k8s etc.
  2. I’ll give you a 2 hour take home for which you’ll be compensated with a $200 amazon gift card.
  3. You have a interview with our CTO about your goals and a touch of tech
  4. You have a general call with a different senior engineer
  5. One last call to discuss your compensation and then the offer gets formally sent out

You’ll get 3 weeks PTO standard (you can always take more unpaid) plus 10 company holidays yearly, solid work life balance (we don’t work more than 40 hours a week) and whatever desk setup you want. We have a very talented team full of Go lovers and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow.

Please email me at anmol@coder.com with your resume or DM me.


I am interested in this position.

please reach me : rachel at ciisnlabs dot com

I am having experience for more than 4 years in same domain.

DM sent please check.

Looking forward.