Help with obtaining the go toolchain in memory-constrained environments

Hi! I’d like to use the Go toolchain on an older machine of mine with only 256 megs of memory available.
The prebuilt x86 releases don’t seem to work for me, since they receive a SIGILL immediately. I can only assume it’s because I’m on an AMD processor (Athlon XP 1800+) (maybe an intel dialect?), so nothing to worry about.
I’ve already built Go 1.4, and attempted to build 1.16.5 from the tarball. However, I seem to run out of memory fairly quickly, and the build fails.

Is there a way to obtain a prebuilt toolchain compatible with my processor, or a way to reduce memory consumption?

I apologize if I chose the wrong category. If so, please correct me.
Any help is highly appreciated. Will provide more details if asked to.

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