Help with first steps Golang

Hello. I am using Windows 64 bit.

  1. I installed
  2. I installed Git-2.9.2-64-bit
  3. I installed editor LiteIDE
    What additional packages recommend installation?
    I found only small programs running in the command line.
    Looking example of a program written in Golang that installs and runs in a Windows.
    I expect your advice for a complete beginner .

Well for an IDE, I would suggest intellij IDEA with the golang plugin, this will improve your experience impressively. You basically do not need any other packages, everything you need is in the standard library. I recommend starting with the Go Tour Then you can create your own project.

Well… IDEA (or WebStorm) are very good tools, but they have a lot of stuff you do not need. At least at the begining. And LiteIDE is fast. My IDE of choice would be SublimeText or Micorosoft Visual Studio Code (VSC) with Go Plugins. And VSC or LiteIDE are free. The others are not, unless you think about IDEA Community Edition. There is also Atom build on top of Electron, but VSC (also on Electron) is faster in my experience. It is so awesome there are so many choices available!

When it comes to learning you should try free stuff like:

  2. online book An Introduction to Programming in Go by Caleb Doxsey
  3. Go by Example page

If you like video courses I suggest :

It is aimed at beginners, but it is fun, easy to watch and solid.

Almost forget

LiteIDE is a very good idea mostly for beginners because it’s so simple. Other simple IDE with many useful tools is VS Code but unfortunately has a very bizare interface, absolutely non-productive and non-intuitive (Microsoft style ? :head_bandage:). The other IDEs have plugins for go but are to complex for a simple language like go. so, all those IDEs are better for other languages.

Go it’s mostly for backend and you will find that is very hard to make gui interfaces you’re used on Windows. Try web apps in Chrome app mode or other similar engines/tehniques, it’s more easy and more portable.

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