Help with ChirpStack Simulator and API

Hi All,

To begin, I have never done GO before, so treat everything in this post like I know nothing, but am incredibly eager to learn.

I have recently been tasked with trying to modify the payload of the ChirpStack Simulator github_com/brocaar/chirpstack-simulator and while I tend to like to take few weeks to get myself acquainted with a language, I’m unfortunately caught in a time crunch atm where my work wants me to modify the data payload.

I have found using common sense that I need to make a change in the simulator/gateway.go file under (line 222, UplinkRXInfo) to add our fields there. But I’ve also seen that this UplinkRXInfo is imported from another module, the ChirpStack-API. “github_com/brocaar/chirpstack-api”

I have tracked what I need to change down to the protobuf/gw/gw.proto file. As I obviously can’t change the official implementation for my own ends I tried to fork this repo, make the changes, build the code as instructed, and push it to my own repo “github_com/JaMurphSmi/chirpstack-api”

I thought this would be good, but when I attempt to build the simulator, I get an error telling me that while parsing the main.go file, the module path is “” but required as “github_com/JaMurphSmi/go/v3” and the build fails.

Something to note is that I found some paths after I first compiled the code that were incorrect, and recompiled. But before I did this I tried to build the simulator, which downloaded some dependencies such as my version of the api, and now it seems that rather than redownload, it just keeps trying to use the wrong one. I do not know how to tackle this, so if anyone can give me any recommendations on any points of this novel, I will greatly appreciate it.

Kind Regards

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