Help Narrowing Down A Freezing Bug that Disconnects Delve

I have recently encountered a freeze that I have been unable to diagnose. After a period of time (~20 messages/~20 seconds), the code simply halts. The timing code that I have that literally acts as a heartbeat doesn’t run anymore, but the code doesn’t crash either. Looking at it with dlv has proven not to help as dlv detaches and I loose all data.

I assume that the problem is at one of the regex calls, but that may not necessarily be true simply based on how long it might be spending in the regex calls.

I have done the best that I can with printf debugging, but I have no idea where to go from here. I have attempted to remove different parts of the code in an attempt to isolate it, but I have yet to reach any conclusions. I need some serious help diagnosing this code. I should note that I have tested it on 2 separate windows 10 machines both of which have the same problem.

My Repo


Help is greatly appreciated.

Had some friends also test the code. Windows user experienced the same results I did. Linux user said that the code froze much earlier. Right after the OAuth key was printed. Booted a VM and it had the same result.