Help me understand the block profile

hello, i get a block profile with runtime/pprof, but i cannot parse it with go tool pprof xx

some of its content:

730620867752 2 @ 0x44f4f2 0x4c7e10 0x4d5520 0x4d3ffa 0x471071
#   0x44f4f2    runtime.selectgo+0x12                 /home/eric/Downloads/go-      go1.6/src/runtime/select.go:215
#   0x4c7e10      *partitionOffsetManager).mainLoop+0x2c0                                 /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/
#   0x4d5520*partitionOffsetManager).(  /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/
#   0x4d3ffa                                             /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/

730616148700 2 @ 0x4170cb 0x4b40d7 0x4d53f0 0x4d3ffa 0x471071
#   0x4170cb    runtime.chanrecv2+0x2b                                                                      /home/eric/Downloads/go-go1.6/src/runtime/chan.go:360
#   0x4b40d7*partitionConsumer).dispatcher+0x57                                 /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/
#   0x4d53f0*partitionConsumer).( /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/
#   0x4d3ffa                                         /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/

730574061039 1220 @ 0x4170cb 0x4b4cb0 0x4d5420 0x4d3ffa 0x471071
#   0x4170cb    runtime.chanrecv2+0x2b                                                                          /home/eric/Downloads/go-go1.6/src/runtime/chan.go:360
#   0x4b4cb0*partitionConsumer).responseFeeder+0x80                                 /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/
#   0x4d5420*partitionConsumer).( /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/
#   0x4d3ffa                                             /home/eric/Code/Go/GOPATH/src/

what’s the meaning of each column?

Why can’t you do this ? What did you try ? What did you see ?

Personally I find the visual output of a block profile to be the most useful

go tool pprof -svg $BINARY $PROFILE > out.svg

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