Help installing Go package on web server for total noob


I’m an App developer, and have absolutely zero experience with Go, and pretty much zero with servers. However, for an app I am currently working on,I would like to install (I think) a Go package on my webserver (actually my hosts server), but I have no idea how to go about doing that. The documents included might as well be in greek.

I hope to get my own server to return similar results to this: (I couldn’t put this in as a clickable link, as new users are only allowed 2 links per post on this forum)

I was wondering if there is someone who could be so kind as to shed some light on, or even help step me through the process?

I want to install the Go package from here:

On a server from this host (server details listed here):

Currently I don’t have command line access, but I believe I can get it if required.

Thanks a lot


I’ve found some other software that does a similar thing without Go, do I think I’ll go that way.

Thanks anyway

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