Helm package for Golang - Issue with namespaces

Hi all, I’m attempting to use the helm package in Golang to delete releases, using a specific namespace causes a panic exit with the following message (got it from journalctl) “service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=2/INVALIDARGUMENT”

I’m able to list releases from a namespace using the following code:

err := actionConfig.Init(settings.RESTClientGetter(), "my-namespace", os.Getenv("HELM_DRIVER"), nil)

releaseList := action.NewList(actionConfig)
releases, err := releaseList.Run()

And I can see all the releases in that namespace. But when using the same config to initialize the Uninstall:

	deleter := action.NewUninstall(actionConfig)
	_, err := deleter.Run("my-release-name")

It is when I get the panic in the .Run()

If I don’t specify the namespace and instead I use the config

actionConfig.Init(settings.RESTClientGetter(), settings.Namespace(), os.Getenv("HELM_DRIVER"), nil) 

It doesn’t cause the panic but it will not find the release name in the default namespace.

What can I do to properly delete it from the right namespace?

Thanks a lot!

Aditionally, managed to debug the following:

level":"DEBUG","msg":"Debug","format":"Ignoring delete failure for %q %s: %v","v":["my-release-name",{"Group":"networking.k8s.io","Version":"v1","Kind":"Ingress"},{"ErrStatus":{"kind":"Status","apiVersion":"v1","metadata":{},"status":"Failure","message":"ingresses.networking.k8s.io \"my-release-name\" not found","reason":"NotFound","details":{"name":"my-release-name","group":"networking.k8s.io","kind":"ingresses"},"code":404}}]}

There have been reported cases where specifying a namespace during initialization doesn’t always work as expected, particularly with uninstall actions. The uninstall operation might default to the default namespace even if you specify a different one.