Having issues GO with GITLAB Platform

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I am having a project with GO on gitlab platform which requirement many services to be built separately with different yaml. but i got issues passing the right command to be able create successful build

Can you explain what are the problem? I’m assuming you’re facing CI?

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Hi Hollowaykeanho

it is CI issues…we have may go application and want to create golang build using yaml file. i do not really know the path of my dependencies to create the build

$ go get -v -d ./… - go get cmd

22github.com/spf13/viper (download)

Are you able to script a bash script (away from the yaml file) from your existing development machine?

Alternatively, can you list out the commands to run a successful build?

If your Go is setup correctly according to the Golang.org instruction, the pathing remains as the same with your development machines where $ echo ${HOME}/go can tell you the location.

This command does not make any sense in any local/remote build. Go will automatically download and sort dependencies out when you build your application (as in importing Viper as Go module).

Are you using Viper as an external executable?

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