GUI Roku Remote/Fyne discussion

I decided to remake an old Python project in Golang using Fyne: Roku Remote. I think Fyne might be one of the best options available for making a GUI with Golang that doesn’t use Javascript/front-end framework.

I’ve also been able to compile it/run it on both Ubuntu and Windows. The only things that I don’t like is that it’s not really possible (I don’t think) to edit the colors in any of the widgets/widget contents. The Icons are also a bit limited. Other than that… I really like Fyne and appreciate all of their hard work. Anyone else here using it?

Yes, I use fyne for two of my personal projects.

They haven’t many controls yet and limitation for colorization also an issue. But for now it’s really best choice for GUI in Golang, although gio may become interesting alternative.

I had watched the conference with Elias Naur and it looked pretty promising. Any luck finding documentation for it? I couldn’t find much out there.

The documentation is available on and there are several samples. And Elias Naur started blog with first article Immediate Mode GUI Programming maybe he will write more articles about using gioui.

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ah thanks! looking now

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