GRPC REST Microservice

So I did run across this post which is somewhat similar but i wanted a broader conversation and I have a slightly different question.

So, I’d like to setup some basic architecture where my services will primarily be using go/grpc with REST when needed, and GRPC otherwise.

The requirements are somewhat basic initially. GRPC, HTTP wrapper, Swagger/OpenAPI (or some auto-doc). Looking at Envoy as well but i’m new with the proxy to do service registry and other fun things.

I mostly got something hacked together that does this but honestly I’d rather not re-invent the wheel and I’m really surprised that nothing else around does this or maybe I just missed it.

Things I looked at:

From there:


  • Plus: it seems to be thinking forward for scaling and logging, and service registry which is all good.
  • Negative: This is really overly complex in my view. Their simple hello world is 12 pages long to help me do a very simple intro example.


  • Plus: simpler then go-kit it.
  • Negatives:
    • seems like it requires a particular ecosystem to work in.
    • Adding another service that is not in go seems


I was really excited when i saw this, but i can’t get this to run so not sure if it’s in a broken state or just me.


another one that doesn’t seem to work for me. The example and codegen seems pretty broken from my poking around with it.

I’d love to see something like in Go where it’s a simple stack you can just keep on re-using that lets you create a service and has hooks for logging, healthchecks and such but doesn’t require 7 classes to be updated each time you want to return a new endpoint with a new response.

Have I missed something in my research? Is everyone just writing their own home stack of this or am I just trying to do something that isn’t very mainstream?

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