Grobi 0.2.0 - manage display outputs on Linux

Hi Gophers,

I’ve just released grobi 0.2.0, a small tool to automatically configure outputs with xrandr on X (Linux) based on rules.

I’m using Linux with a tiling window manager (i3, mainly on my laptop. Whenever I plug the laptop in the docking station or the other way around, I always had to manually configure my outputs with xrandr. Over the years, I’ve built several shell scripts to automate this task, but none was sufficient. So I started thinking about what rules are needed in order to figure out what output should be active and on what position.

grobi subscribes to the X output change events and has a set of rules to figure out which outputs to enable. It can be run either in one-shot mode (grobi update), apply a specific profile (grobi apply mobile) or run in the background and listen for output change events (grobi watch).

It works pretty well for me, please let me know what you think :smile:

  • Alex

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