GORM not returning correct ID After db.Create() in Goroutine

I’m trying my first real concurrency project in GO.
I just want to import a few thousand rows of data into postgres using GORM.
I start some worker goroutines and then iterate over the file and pass each line to a channel that a worker goroutine processes using range.

Seemed like all was working well but I found that when I use more than one worker db.Create(&c) does not populate customer © with the correct ID and sometimes it even updates another customer with the phone numbers from the current line of data.

I don’t notice this happening with 1 goroutine so I have to believe it is related to having more than one worker and the data getting crossed up. But I don’t see how.

GORM is supposed to be Thread safe. I am also aware of the pitfalls of passing iterated values into goroutines.
So I have avoided that. I even moved gorm.open() into the worker instead of using a global.

Anybody got any ideas?

importFamilies() reads the file and sets everything up.
createFamily() is the worker

link to code:

UPDATE and ANSWER to my own question:
I ended up updating GORM to the latest commit. I was using a version from Aug 2016. All my problems went away.
Not only that but my performance went from about 4 minutes single worker or 1.5 minutes with 4 workers to under 18 seconds single worker or <5 seconds with 4 workers. 3.8 secs with 12 workers.
Either my installation had problems or they made some big improvements.
I am a bit relieved because I thought even 1.5 minutes was quite slow for a few thousand records.
Plus it wasn’t even working with goroutines. I was considering changing SQL libraries.


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