Goque - Disk-based, high performance stacks, queues, and priority queues

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to post a project I’ve been working on called Goque (https://github.com/beeker1121/goque).

Goque provides stack, queue, and priority queue data structures for Go. Unlike other stacks and queues already available, Goque is disk-based rather than memory based. The main feature is that it remains extremely performant even when data grows outside the available memory of the machine, and all data is persisted to disk. The Go port of LevelDB is used to achieve this.


  • Provides stack (LIFO), queue (FIFO), and priority queue structures.
  • Stacks and queues (but not priority queues) are interchangeable.
  • Persistent, disk-based.
  • Optimized for fast inserts and reads.
  • Goroutine safe.
  • Designed to work with large datasets outside of RAM/memory.

Thanks, and I appreciate any suggestions or feedback!

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