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I would like to announce, a web service to serve and manage go-import and go-source HTML meta tags. That is the base functionality, but it supports custom domains, subdomains under, automatic TLS certificate generation from Let’s Encrypt, team management for each domain…

It allows usage of custom domains for projects, that for any reason, can not be hosted on github or similar providers, or branding is required. This project started as service for managing package paths for private usage, that can be useful for single developer as well as for teams.

A kind of versioning can also be achieved by specifying different repositories for subpaths, like and, if you do not want to keep both code-bases in the same repository.

It serves a simple purpose, but it implements many boring parts related to a public web service.

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It sounds like a useful service. For myself, I prefer not to rely on more unnecessary cloud providers than necessary, as any outage will cause build failures for people. falls in the same category. If your code is open source it could be something people want to deploy for themselves on their own vanity domains, where they control the domain and the hosting etc.


Hi Jakob, thanks for you comment and interest in my project. GopherPit is a set of services each responsible in it’s domain (sessions, users, notifications, tls, domain/package data) and main site, to be more scalable and reliable. Of course, now, at the start, it has the simplest setup of those services. For local installations, it may be a bit of overhead to maintain. But, I am most willing to create a simpler application that deals with the core functionality, and to have import/export data compatible with GopherPit. There would be not much trouble to make it. In that case, users that do not want to maintain it’s own installation could use, and for those who prefer local installations, could easily switch to that. Do you think that it may help you and possible other developers? Also, it is easier for me to maintain open source project that has one service, then more.

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