Gopei Shell 1.6 (The Convergence) release

Gopei Shell 1.6 codename The Convergence is ready . In a big testing effort and many changes of plans i’m happy to anounce the (first?) multiplatform installer for golang programming environment. So from now Gopei Shell is not only for Ubuntu. Note that the old version is removed. Anyway due frequent changes on LiteIDE site doesn’t work anymore :frowning: )

What’s new:

  • complete code rewritten, new approach.
  • tested on 14 operating systems Unix and Linux until now
  • setup go environment (without ide) even on servers :slight_smile:
  • versioning acording to semantic versioning, see @dfc manifest.
  • go environment moved into .go_profile file also inspired from @dfc ~/.bashrc
  • convergence, Gopei run now on many Unix/Linux based desktops and servers (yes, work on Mac :blush:).
  • install last versions of Go compiler and a stable version of LiteIDE.
  • add some useful scripts for
    • working with git
    • easy install some useful tools like delve debugger or presenter
  • new silly names…
  • new user manual and how to documentation on WIKI :smile:

Note that The Convergence was a big testing effort and some things may lack so be understanding. Also read some known issues. If you find bugs or have some ideeas around issues please let me know.

Gopei shell don’t affect your system (all things happen in user mode). If some goes wrong just interrupt the script and uninstall or reinstall.

Remeber to install prerequisites for your operating system before start.


Were some questions in the last days so a Faq was added.

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