GOPATH/GOROOT Mojave 10.14.6


im new to Go and have some issues setting up correct Path variables for my environment.
Im a Student, 2yrs Java and C Experience, yet the Server im trying to run doesn’t work properly.

It starts, templates do work after weird path adjustmen, css doesn’t entirely.

Issues in WorkSpace (VS):

IntelliSense & go-packages don’t get recognized or suggested as packages on import.

net/http & template usage doesn’t work. My Path always has to be absolut instead of relative (beginning from gopath)

Css files aren’t parsed to the client (localhost:8080)

ConsoleErr Messages in Client:

Did not parse stylesheet at ‘http…’ because non CSS MIME types are not allowed in strict mode

In Go, my todoServer doesn’t parse the correct path to the css ressource

Ive tried installing Go via Home-brew, manually and with the installer. Nothing seems to work somehow
Maybe somebody can help me…

Could you post a picture with your console errors? If you have your project in github/gitlab/bitbuck could you provide a link to it? It will be easier to help if you provide solid information.

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