GOPATH Entry Is Relative on Mac

So I’m trying to install the kahoot flood program found here So I was setting my go path and when I tried to run the program I got the “GOPATH entry is relative; must be absolute path”. I tried to fix it by adding Macintosh_HD to the start of my path but now i have 2 GOPATHs. So I attempted to reinstall thinking that it would overwrite my previous paths. It didn’t. Now I have 3 paths. Help!

Hey @SupaCupa

If you check your .bash_profile file, what entries do you have in there? Can you remove the extras from there?

Excuse the simple question, I’m new to go myself :slight_smile:

Where is that?

The .bash_profile file is normally in your home folder.

If you open up your terminal and do nano ~/.bash_profile you will probably see a few GOPATH entries

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