Google's QPX Express API and golang

Just for fun, I am trying to write a simple Go program to access Google’s QPXExpress API to simulate the demo.

This Go program will be run only by me from my Windows desktop. I am totally confused as to which API credentials I need to use. Any pointers? Jason?

See the section “Installed applications” on the docs page:

If you’d prefer to use a generated Go library instead of the REST API directly, you can find that here:

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Jason, I had read thro’ the Prerequisites earlier and got stuck in the credentials part. Which credential do I need to use for a stand-alone, command-line Go application (using REST) that wants to access the QPX Express API - the documentation is not clear to me? Ideally an API key should suffice.

Start by opening up the Developer Console Credentials page:

You’ll be prompted to select the name of your project. Select it, and press ‘Continue’. On the next page, click the ‘Add Credential’ button. that will open the credential type picker menu. Select ‘API Key’. That is what you need for a locally installed application.

You would select OAuth if your application were going to act on behalf of another user and access data that is private to their Google account. That doesn’t appear to apply in your application.

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Have selected “Server Key” for now. Let me write the program and see if that works. Thanks.

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