Good tutorials, books ? and a few questions

I’ve done some scripting in the past using bash/perl. Very little bit of python.
Why I’m interested in go is, from what I understand as of now, I can write a script/code in golang, create a binary and simply upload the binary to a server, no need to install the compiler / interpreter on the server. Is my understanding correct?

Would this hold true if I install external modules (as in those not part of the core)? For example, most of my work is logging into servers/devices mostly through ssh and capture outputs, or scp/sftp files etc.

I also need to write out data to excel sheets, create graphs etc and email it out. Can I do that using golang?

If I can do all the above, is there any good tutorial or book I can try to sort of “test the waters” with Go? Please let me know

Welcome notadev.

Yes to all of your questions.

I had my “lightbulb moment” with Go while reading “The Go Workshop”.


You can check out an excellent book about Go -

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