Good resources videos / tutorial or introductions to machine learning basics with Go?


are there any resources for people new to machine learning with examples, videos or tutorials in Go?
Any recommendation would help me thank you!

I am using for linear regression. for random forest. Both libraries are not very user friendly (for programmers) but I do not found nothing better.

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The Gorgonia library comes with a fairly extensive README, and here is a lightning talk and a blog article.

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I also found this one by @peteg looks quite helpful if anyone is interested:

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Thanks for sharing. That’s a cool idea: Use a neural network for optimizing the shooting patterns in a scroll-down shooter game. Unfortunately, the project is not on GitHub yet.

This reminds me of another article (although not related to Go in any way) where neural networks are trained to play Doom:

(The impatient may immediately scroll down to the video that compares different models.)

This blog, which summarizes a research paper each workday, often features papers on machine lerning or deep learning (e.g. this one). Maybe a nice read for those interrested in AI/ML.


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