Good code review tool for Go code

We need a code review system which can highlight all the golint, go vet, and other issues. Something which would allow a customized golint,we want to do it so it can show the author and the reviewer these things if needed. So, the reviewer can decide which ones the author should fix, and which ones to ignore.

Probably this could be possible in Phabricator. Any thoughts?

gometalinter could be part of the answer.


We run vet, lint, gofmt, some metalinter checks and a few other things as automated checks on each pull request - so those all show up as red/green indicators and block a merge of the PR in case of failure. Those are all just regular Jenkins jobs.

For anything big enough to be painful to review on GitHub we use an Atlassian Crucible/Fisheye setup. For pure manual review of diffs that evolve over time that’s the best UI I’ve found after trying all I could get my hands on. It doesn’t integrate well with anything non-Atlassian - but luckily in our case it doesn’t have to, as we run the automated stuff mentioned above.

The file tree navigation on the left is something I miss in most other diff viewers. With some glue and plaster Crucible does integrate with Github well enough that we can drag in pull requests into it, but it’s not a perfect fit. (You didn’t mention Github, so sorry to keep harping on about it, it’s just where this project is based.)


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