Gonum.org package issue

good morning,
i think i have an issue with my gonum.org package i don’t know how can i fix it any idea please?

Strange. When I do go mod download gonum.org/v1/plot, I get the following output (and no error):

Are you working in legacy GOPATH mode?

Maybe try GO111MODULE=on and run go get outside your GOPATH dir.

If nothing else helps, try go clean -modcache but be aware that this clears the entire module cache, including all downloaded sources. Future builds will then take longer as they have to download their dependencies again.

thank you for your respons it’s working but my code should be in the my go env

Not sure if I understand, can you elaborate on this? Is this an issue that you need help with?

I suppose that he means that its not an issue anymore.

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