Gomq: a new pure Go ZMQ implementation

gomq is a tiny ZMQ implementation which is aiming to be feature complete. Check it out and give me some feedback/submit a PR! Still working on adding more socket patterns, so this is in a basic proof-of-concept stage right now. Thanks!

  • It enables applications to communicate using various messaging patterns like publishers-subscribers, queuing, and more.

Can you provide a sample for this

Hey Hasan, PubSub isn’t yet implemented but it may be later today. I’ll provide an example, in the meantime I highly recommend ZMQ’s documentation.

That sounds like an interesting project! ZMQ is such a powerful tool for messaging, and having a lightweight implementation like gomq could be really useful. I’ll definitely check it out and see if I can provide some feedback or even contribute to the project. Keep up the good work, and I’m looking forward to seeing how it progresses!