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So I’ve built a an OpenGL game in Go with gomobile and made it work on Android. But there has been so many gotchas and work-arounds to make everything work. And I still have issues that I need to solve. So first of all I wonder what the actual status is of gomobile, if anyone knows. Is it abandon or still worked on?

I would also like to know if someone has a guide how to make everything work as it should when it comes to using gomobile init -openal <dir> and gomobile bind etc. Is it supposed to work with latest NDK?

Some of the issues I’ve experienced:

  • gomobile init just exit without any output if no ANDROID_NDK_HOME is set. After setting this, it doesn’t build the OpenAL bindings, which I need for my sound. So I managed to build these after modifying gomobile init.go code and rebuild gomobile. However, then the libraries are only built as 32bit, which doesn’t work on arm64. So I had to modify the cmake files to specify -m64 etc. Something that was not possible with gcflags.

What is the exact way of making this build properly without modifying the gomobile?

  • Then gomobile produces an APK, not the new format AAB as google playstore requires for uploading an application to their playstore. Has anyone managed to build this via gomobile? (converting APK to AAB in Android Studio doesn’t work either, which I guess is true since AAB is basically a source package if I understand correctly).

To work-around the APK part and make an AAB, I’ve tried to look into using gomobile bind, but that fails as well as it requires OpenAL and that can be build without my workaround.

I’ve looked into issues, both closed and open, on github for gomobile, but most issues mentioned these things are still open and/or unresolved. Google doesn’t really help either so I hope someone here on the forum have any hints.

So to sum up my rant;

  1. Is gomobile abandoned?
  2. What is the proper way of building openal bindings that works for armt64 via `gomobile init -openal ?

the mobile package is an active but experimental project (you can read about this in the project readme).

commits in the project (last 21 days)

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