gomail.Dailer error

go install


core/internal/notifier/email.go:92:21: too many arguments to conversion to gomail.Dialer: gomail.Dialer(“localhost”, 587, “username”, “password”)

Can you help me with to resolve this error

Do you want to call this func?

func NewDialer(host string, port int, username, password string) *Dialer

see https://godoc.org/gopkg.in/gomail.v2#NewDialer

I tried calling this func but i faced below exception.

core/internal/notifier/email.go:92:7: undefined: gomail.NewDialer

I imported "gopkg.in/gomail.v2"

To which project does this file belong?

Which function to you call? How?

Hi, @Manoj_Sadhu, I’m not sure how you’re getting that error message because when I check line #92 in that file in the project you linked to, it’s calling a function, gomail.NewDialer:

d := gomail.NewDialer(host, port, "", "")

Try re-cloning or getting the library again.

I am trying to install Burrow tool for kafka consumer lag alerts. This Burrow tool developed by LinkedIn using go language. in that i an trying to fire this query (go install)
below error i got
core/internal/notifier/email.go:92:7: undefined: gomail.NewDialer

Yes, I am seeing the same error when I run “go install” for the Burrow project to monitor Kafka consumer lag.

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